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Papas Cakeria ; We are here with a very popular cooking game. You do not want to cook great cakes in the restaurant Papa's cake? Then immediately start receiving orders. Pour cake cake mold according to customers' orders. Bake the cake and decorate. As the level progresses, customers will increase and materials will increase. You can also change the decor in the shop. You can change the outfit your staff. It will be extra materials for special occasions. Both have fun and learn in this beautiful game.

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uye-img Name : lol


uye-img Name : Marie

Je sius genille.

uye-img Name : เก๋

ดพะกนรดใยใแมท อดัรทเนัท อีนมนสทือ้รท อเาทินสท้าาทืมท่ามสสใมิ่นม

uye-img Name : Hanicka Le

Không and nod gamernChúc mừng

uye-img Name : Mikayla McCready

Hi my name is Mikayla McCready and I have a nice brother and I'm a little sister my brother name is Dominic and I have a mum and dad and their names are Theresa nimarota and my dads name is Justin McCready and I have a dog and her name is coco